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Answering Service in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

At Telephone Answering Service, we understand there's not always enough time to answer the phone. Based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, we have been providing a professional answering service since 1949.

Busy Businesses Need Help

When business is booming, you won't always have time to get to the phone.

It's great that business is going so well, but the downside comes when you miss out on an important call or more business.

That's where Telephone Answering Service steps in.

Our professional operators answer your phone for you, with your own customized script, and offer the help your customers need.

Using the most advanced telephone technology, our operators take messages for you, help your customers using your own customized information, provide directions, and other services. When your call volume is too high, let us pick up the slack and keep your business in line.
Operator Girl Answering Phone - Answering Service in Johnstown, PA

Quality Since 1949

From the cord board times to the most advanced technology of today, we've adapted with the changes, providing quality, professional answering service to clients for more than 60 years. Our services have offered many growing companies the support they needed, providing a live voice to answer the phone and keep your customers calling back. The only way we satisfy our clients is by satisfying their customers, and we've been providing customer satisfaction since 1949.

Proudly Serving: Somerset, Greensburg, Ligonier, Indiana, Pittsburgh, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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